Amir Koklan

Software Developer


My name is Amir Koklan. I am doing programming as my job and it's my love at the same time. I have worked in many different areas in web development. I have about 40 online Projects and have worked in all areas and all sizes of projects, from single page applications to BIG Projects.

I have mainly used PHP, JavaScript, HTML5 and related frameworks in the backend and frontend like Symfony and Angular. I am currently coding and practicing Java, Ruby On Rails and Node.JS.

I'm passionate about startups and co-founding. all the time I'm open to work on side projects in all of the fields listed above so don't hesitate to contact me for any kind of project specially PHP.



I am a freelance software developer using mainly PHP as the main programming language and I am passionate about everything new in the web development. doesn't matter frontend or backend.

Orderiom, Sandwich Catering and Scripty are my latest Projects which I heavily invest my time on them.


I have worked on PHP-MySql combination stack on more than 40 Projects and more than 5 years. I also have worked with different frameworks such as Symfony, Zend and Laravel. I have learnt Java and C# in Universities throughout my Bachelor and Master and I am also learning Node.js and Ruby on Rails right now by mysqlf and I code them quite confidently.

as Team Leader I am in charge of building infrustracture for development and taking care of Git, Apache and Datbase installation. and beside that I also take care of securing and maintaining more than ten servers and doing things like configuring Firewall.

for many projects I took care of frontend developments with tools like HTML5, CSS and Javascript and has used frameworks like jQuery and AngularJS to do the project.

from the first day of my web development, I had the chance to work and live with eZPublish as our main framework and CMS and had done almost everything on that. I have installed and configured eZPublish, created new extensions and built new modules on top of eZPublish and throughout my whole working years I was working with eZPublish.

I am a certified Proffesional Scrum Master by and has worked with Scrum since the first days of my Job. I have also implemented Scrum in ALSO MPS from zero and is currently running quite good.


  • PHP

    although I had learned C# and Java alongside PHP in my Bachelor degree, I started my Career in PHP and have developed PHP Application since the first days in my career. I have developed extensions and modules in eZPublish, small applications and one page PHP on the server side and had used always MySql with my application with other frameworks like Symfony, Zend, Laravel and eZPublish.
  • JavaScript

    I am using JavaScript for more than five years now and have developed single page applications and used it for large scale websites too. I also had done my Master thesis project totally on a JavaScript application and would love to go deeper and deeper everyday on JavaScript and its related technologies and frameworks.
  • Linux

    I am using Linux as a Professional and normal user for a long time and was always passionate about it. I have done almost anything possible with it and look forward to just go deeper and deeper. I have built/maintained/secured more than twenty real-world server instances time by time and I love doing all the time.












  • Since Jan. 2017
    AirBerlin - Freelance Software Developer

    As a Part of CRS Systems Team (Booking Team), I am in charge of writing Services and Components which are available through SOAP Calls for ecommerce of AirBerlin and their Partners inside and outside of the Company.

    and of course Unit Testing is part of my every days Job.

  • May 2016 to Feb. 2017
    Druckerfachmann AG - Head of Software Development

    As a Head of Software Development, I am interpreting the needs and requests of Product Team to the proper Architecture for the software development team. I am also taking care of our Scrum Process and Agile methodology in a way that they stay all the time in the right direction for the team.

    as I take over this Role we start to impelement a new Application from Zero using eZPlatform on top of Symfony2 with PHP7. I did most of the architectural work for the software and help with the most part of implementation too.

    • administrating and securing more than ten Linux instances
    • building the whole development infrustructre like servers for development, stage systems for QA team and having CI in the project
    • I have implemented GIT, Scrum and Continuous integration (using Bamboo) from Zero.
    • Playing the role of Scrum master as a part-time Role next to my first role.
    • PHP7 and JavaScript development
    • eZPlatform and Symfony development
  • Feb. 2015 to May 2016
    Druckerfachmann AG - Lead Software Developer

    As a team Lead I have prepared the infrustracture from the first day for development. I have made things like Apache, Git, Development systems and stage systems all up and running together. and beside those tasks I am developing with JavaScript and PHP on a a daily Basis.

    I have also implemented Scrum and installed Jira as our Project management tool from SCRATCH.

    • administrating and securing more than fifteen Linux Servers
    • building the whole development infrustructre like servers for development, stage systems for QA team and having git in the project
    • Implementing Scrum from Scratch in the company
    • PHP and JavaScript development
  • May 2014 to Dec. 2015
    Contextual Code - Freelance web developer

    I am remotely part of the development team on some of their interesting projects and involved mainly on ezPublish and Symfony Projects and ,of course, a lot of JavaScript.

    • PHP
    • eZPublish and Symfony
    • JavaScript
  • Oct. 2014 to Feb. 2015
    Kisura GmbH - Backend Developer

    I am working as a web developer in Kisura GmbH in their IT department. in an agile team practicing scrum in the IT department, we had to deal with requests from other departments. Our framework was Symfony2 with Twig, Git was our version control system and Capistrano our deployment tool.

    • extending current modules with Symfony2
    • Building new functionalities with Symfony2
    • SASS, gulp and Twig is our tools for the frontend
  • Jul. 2011 to Oct. 2014
    HissIT GmbH - Web Developer

    As a full-stack Web Developer, I have worked on all areas of development and I was all the time directly in touch with customers and took care of their needs.

    • Installation and coniguration
    • ezjscore and Ajax call in ezpublish environment
    • Solr and ezfind installation
    • ezpublish template development
    • custom modules in ezpublish


  • Oct. 2012 to Oct. 2015
    Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart - Master of Software Technology

    Subjects: Middleware Technology(JSP), Database, BPM, Software Verification and Validation, System Design, Software Project, Software Engineering II, Software Project Management, Concepts of Programming Languages

  • Jul. 2007 to Jul. 2011
    University of Malaya - Bachelor of Information Technology

    some of the Subjects: Java Programming, Web development with PHP, Networking, System Design and architecture


I have a big hunger for learning new things around my job and experiencing new stuff. I am ready for challenges all the time and currently I am learning Ruby on Rails and Node.js and trying to make mobile application with what I am learning.




Amir Koklan